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North Carolina’s Repeal of the Rule Against Perpetuities Upheld

Posted on: February 12th, 2010
In a decision dated February 2, 2010, the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the Superior Court Judge’s 2009 decision in Brown Brothers Harriman Trust v. Anne P. Benson, et al. 
The Court of Appeals ruled that North Carolina’s constitution does not require application of the common law rule against perpetuities’ restriction of the remote vesting of future interests in property.  The court held that N.C.G.S. Section 41-23, which repealed the common law rule against perpetuities (in 2007), is a valid exercise of the General Assembly’s authority.  Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Co., N.A., as Trustee of the Benson Trust v. Anne P. Benson, et al, No. COA09-474.
The effect of this ruling is that dynasty trusts are clearly a valid planning tool in North Carolina.  The only requirement is that the trustee be given the power to alienate (sell) the property in the trust.
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