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Responsibilities of Guardians in North Carolina

Posted on: October 8th, 2009
I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, so it’s a hectic day in the office, but I wanted to share the link to the pamphlet Responsibilities of Guardians in North Carolina, which is published by the NC Administrative Office of the Courts.
It provides a good summary of requirements and prohibited acts for guardians of minors and incompetent persons.  However, it should not substitute for the counsel and services of an experienced guardianship attorney.  In my view, it is important for ALL guardians to have a lawyer they can turn to to ask questions, prepare petitions and accountings, etc.  The consequences of doing the wrong thing, or failing to do the right thing, are too great, and could even result in personal liability for the guardian.
Guardians should also be aware of the North Carolina Guardianship Association, which offers certification as a guardian and a guardianship manual.
Be back the week of October 19th…
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