Income Tax

Tax Planning for 2015

Posted on: March 20th, 2014
Retirement accounts, estate plans, and trusts may be impacted by possible federal tax law changes next year in 2015. While the current configuration of Congress makes these changes unlikely, reviewing possible future changes can help individuals make effective planning decisions now....

Look Out For Tax Scams

Posted on: February 4th, 2014
Fraudulent companies and individuals take advantage of American taxpayers every year. The tax scammers use deception—and commonly prey on elderly persons—to acquire sensitive personal information....

Estate Planning and Real Estate Titles in North Carolina

Posted on: January 21st, 2014
Some families attempt to manage their own estate planning. For those who own a home and plan to eventually leave the home to children or other relatives, they may change the way the property title is held in an effort to make the transfer of ownership easier upon their death. However, without the counsel of a North Carolina estate planning or tax lawyer, these do-it-yourself methods may result in significant tax liability for the children....

More Tax Deductions Expiring End of 2013

Posted on: November 26th, 2013
If you have not yet consulted with your North Carolina tax attorney or CPA about several state deductions that are expiring (like the deduction for contributions to NC 529 College Savings Plans), over four dozen federal deductions scheduled to expire at the end of 2013 may prompt you to schedule a meeting soon. ...

Tax Season Postponed: Use Time to Review 2 Changes

Posted on: October 31st, 2013
The Internal Revenue Service recently announced a slight delay for the 2014 tax season. As a result of the government shutdown in October 2013, the IRS anticipates a 1-2-week delay for filers in January 2014. ...

Dissolving a Trust in North Carolina

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013
A year ago the nation waited for the government’s announcement about the estate tax exemption for 2013. A large number of American taxpayers established and funded irrevocable trusts just in case the federal estate tax exemption dropped to $1 million. ...
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