A “Will” for your Digital Assets

Estate Planning

A new online service, Entrustet, provides a free way to safeguard your digital assets, such as domain names, blogs, twitter accounts, online financial accounts, etc.  I have tried it out, and it’s very user friendly.
With a Lawyer Directory on the site, Entrustet makes it easy to find local estate planners who know what to do with digital assets
Entrustet makes it easy to share your digital assets with your lawyer. In the Account Guardian, there’s a place to add your attorney’s contact information. In the Account Guardian dashboard, there’s an “email” icon at the bottom where you can send a summary of your digital assets directly to your attorney.
In addition to the general public, estate planning lawyers may find it a good value-added service to introduce to clients.  Some features that benefit lawyers:
  • A listing on the Entrustet directory comes with educational information and support for incorporating digital assets into clients’ estate planning documents. There is a digital assets how-to guide and example copies of real life wills with digital assets is included. I understand that an intake sheet that lawyers can add to their existing intake forms to introduce clients to the topic of digital estate planning.
  •  A listing on the directory comes with a site seal to put on the firm’s website to let visitors know that the firm is certified in digital assets.
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