Am I Ready to Die?

Advance Directives

I’m at home today, sick with the flu. Last night was rough, fever, chills, cough, and inability to sleep, but I feel a bit better right now. However, during the worst of the night, a thought came to mind that it might actually be a relief if my mortal existence ended. Not that I really wanted it to, but it made it easier to imagine truly feeling that way in the event of a painful terminal illness.

As I often say, estate planning involves sometimes difficult discussions. This post is no exception. This morning I thought to myself, that while I by no means wish to die any time soon, if the time came now, I am ready in many respects:

I tell my family members regularly that I love them.
I have some regrets, but for the most part I’ve had a life well-led.
I believe that I have been forgiven for the few times that I have regretfully hurt others.
My family members know my wishes for a memorial service (party!) and disposition of my remains.
My will and trust are up to date and reflect my wishes.
The beneficiary designations for my life insurance and retirement are coordinated with my estate plan.
For my few important personal possessions – family antiques, Winchester .30-.30, paintings and prints, etc. – I have specified which items will be given to daughter and which to my son.
I have made arrangements for a meaningful charitable gift. at my death.
So, while I hope the rider on the pale horse does not appear on the horizon for me for a few decades, if he comes I will know I have prepared the best I can.

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