AMT Patch for 2010? Forget about it!


 And don’t even think about estate tax repeal.  From Brian Dooley CPA, MBT’s newsletter:
Update: The AMT patch is gone as seventy-three tax breaks will get a twelve month life.
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. is introducing legislation next week that would keep a variety of tax breaks from expiring before the end of the year. However, without the AMT patch, there is a ten percent tax increase for those living in California and New York and a five percent in other states (the math of the AMT depends upon your state tax rate).
Instead of sending the bill through his committee, Rangel plans to dispatch the bill directly to the floor of the House, so there is no debate There are about 73 tax provisions scheduled to expire by Dec. 31, including the credit for research and experimentation expenses, deductions for tuition and state and local taxes, film and TV production expensing rules, a deduction for contributions of food inventory, tax breaks for certain expenses by school teachers, and a host of other goodies. Why only a twelve month extension? It makes the lobbyists pay up each year.
The Estate Tax is not going away. One more year at $3.5 million exemption. In 2011, the exemption plunge to $1million. Let’s face it, we need the money. As they say, dead men don’t vote.
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