Consumer Reports – Use a Lawyer for Estate Planning

Estate Planning

This afternoon a client brought to my attention an article on do-it-yourself finance-related matters, including estate planning, in the May 2007 Issue of Money Adviser by Consumer Reports.  The article describes certain no-cost and low-cost options for creating your own will, but concludes by stating “Only people with uncomplicated lives and modest assets should even consider doing their own estate planning.  Those same folks would pay a lawyer just a few hundred dollars for a basic estate plan, so the savings might not make up for a possible mistake.”

Although one might say I am biased, being an estate planning attorney, I heartily concur.  Estate planning is not something one should try to do as cheaply as possible.  People often pay thousands of dollars a year for insurance and think nothing of it.  Isn’t proper protection for yourself, your family, and your assets worth paying for as well?
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