Elder Mediation Available in Orange County

Elder Care

The Orange County Dispute Settlement Center, located here in Chapel Hill, is now offering specialized mediation dealing with elder care matters.  While the services of an elder law attorney and/or geriatric care manager are also advisable in most cases, mediation can help families deal with some of the disputes that may arise around elder care issues.  From today’s Dispute Settlement Center newsletter:

We hear a lot these days about families dealing with care for aging relatives.
Aging is a transition that poses emotional, legal and financial challenges for families. Being able to talk about the issues can be tough. Avoiding decisions can be costly. Having high conflict conversations that don’t end well can hurt family relationships for a long time.
Examples of eldercare issues:
  • How will we plan for our family member’s future housing and care?
  • Can we get past this lingering dispute over inheritance?
  • How do we divide the duties of care for our aging relatives?
  • How can we communicate with each other better?
We can help. Experienced mediators can assist you and your family members in having the conversations you need to have.
Elder mediation is:
  • Confidential;
  • Overseen by a trained neutral; and
  • Affordable.
To discuss your issue, call Jenifer Yarnelle at (919) 929-8800 ext.17 or email jyarnelle@disputesettlement.org
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