IRS to Hire 4500 New Revenue Agents


Taxes are going up, and so is the number of revenue agents at the IRS! This is from the latest GiftLaw eNewsletter:
In the 2010 budget proposed by President Barack Obama, there is an increase of $400 million dollars for the IRS. The IRS plans to increase its enforcement budget to $5.5 billion out of the total $12.12 billion IRS budget.

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman has been emphasizing the importance of greater enforcement as a method of closing the “tax gap.” Increased IRS funds will enable the hiring of 4,500 new revenue agents. IRS Deputy Commissioner Linda Stiff noted that these new agents are the “largest hiring initiative” in recent years.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner indicated, “This budget will also expand job-creating investments in local communities, strengthen our nation’s security through financial intelligence, launch new initiatives to enforce the tax code and provide the recourses to address global economic challenges.” The new IRS accountants, economists, statisticians and revenue agents are part of an ongoing program by President Barack Obama and Secretary Geithner to close the tax gap.

Editor’s Note:

With the record budget deficits, Washington faces three financial options. The first is to increase taxes, the second to reduce spending and the third to increase tax law enforcement. Because the taxpayers of the United States are among the most honest in the entire world and pay 85% to 88% of the total taxes due, it will be difficult to close the budget gap merely through greater enforcement. However, the current administration is clearly going to make an effort to increase tax revenues with 4,500 new IRS agents.

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