NC Attorney Rick Graves Found Not Guilty of Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud

In an October 2006 posting, I reported that North Carolina attorney Rick Graves was indicated for tax fraud.  I am pleased to report that last week he was found “not guilty” by unanimous jury verdict, and acquitted of both charges of federal tax fraud.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Peter Anderson
April 12, 2007 (704) 945-2177
Last night, at 6 P.M., without any press coverage or media fanfare, a jury
returned a unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY on both counts in the federal
criminal prosecution against attorney Rick Graves.
Mr. Graves was represented by Pete Anderson and Will Terpening, of the
law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick.
Mr. Graves is a lawyer in Wilmington, North Carolina, who was charged a
year ago with two federal crimes: 1) Conspiring to Defraud the IRS and 2)
Obstructing the IRS. Both charges arose from Mr. Graves’ association with
other individuals who engaged in “off-shore” criminal activities – without
Mr. Graves’ knowledge — relating to tax planning and asset protection.
Mr. Graves has always asserted his complete innocence, and based upon all
the evidence, including a 7-hour cross-examination of Mr. Graves, the jury
Anderson noted that, “after a long, hard-fought battle over the past year with
the US Department of Justice, the jury reached true justice for Mr. Graves
and his family.”
Co-counsel, Will Terpening added that, “over the last two weeks, during the
trial, Rick Graves was finally given an opportunity to defend himself and to
clear his name. With the jury’s verdict —- He has done both.”
Reflecting on the investigation, the trial, and the jury’s verdict, Rick Graves
wondered how he gets his good reputation back. More specifically, he
stated that “the case against me was based on false assumptions and guilt by
association.” He added that, “the prosecutors indicted first, and investigated
Lawyer Anderson also added that:
The investigation of Rick Graves raises important issues about the
increasing use of criminal punishment in highly regulated areas, like
tax planning. In this arena, the line between “mistakes” and “crimes”
is often too blurry for fair prosecutions. Criminal charges should only
be used for truly “bad actors.”
Lawyer Terpening added that:
Mr. Graves was a lawyer with an impeccable reputation, who was a
deacon in his church, and who had a 20-year military career. At a
minimum, he should have been given the chance to address the
government’s concerns before being indicted.
In the end, Rick Graves was thrilled with the outcome and with the hard
work of his legal team. He concluded by stating that: “Justice has finally
been served. This nightmare is over. My name is finally cleared.”
Please call Mr. Graves’ lawyer — Pete Anderson – at 704.945.2177 by
2PM today discuss further and to determine whether there is sufficient
interest for a press conference later today.
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