North Carolina Back Tax Scam

NC Income Tax

Last week the North Carolina Department of Revenue released a warning in response to reports of back income tax collection scams.

Anchor If an individual legitimately owes back taxes, generally penalties and interest are also assessed. When an individual is informed they owe back taxes, without thinking twice if the debt is real, they may try to satisfy the balance immediately or start a payment plan to avoid further penalties. North Carolina back tax scam tactics involve parties posing as tax officials contacting taxpayers by phone and instructing tax payments be made by visiting a local bank or retailer.

The government follows official guidelines when contacting taxpayers about underpayments or non-payment. If you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as a tax authority and you have not received a notice in writing reflecting the same, the bill the party is calling about is likely fake. Rest assured, the Department of Revenue does not phone taxpayers until after they have sent several letters by regular postal mail. Legitimate tax collectors will never instruct an individual to make a payment at a retail location or at any financial institution. Do not provide any personal identification information to any source without first verifying its legitimacy.

Scammers can target anyone. However, those with special needs and the elderly are highly vulnerable to fraud and financial abuse. If you have a family member or loved one who may have been targeted by a telephone tax scam or other fraudulent party, contact the NC Department of Revenue service center in your area and consult with a tax attorney in North Carolina. Learn about how to recognize and avoid other tax scams that target unsuspecting victims via email.

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