North Carolina Has 4th Highest Beer Tax


As a beer aficionado, I was surprised to learn today that NC has the fourth-highest tax on beer in the nation, at 53 cents a gallon. And, of course, we also have to pay sales tax when we as consumers buy the beer.

The highest tax is Georgia, at $1.01 per gallon.  The states with the highest tax are all in the South, with the exception of heavily Mormon Utah.  Wyoming, at 2 cents a gallon, is the lowest.  Beer Tax Map of the U.S. One thing about Wyoming, though, is that you have to buy beer in a liquor store or bar – it’s not sold in convenience, drug or grocery stores.  I know that from personal experience after a long day’s motorcycle ride this past August.
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about NC’s high beer tax ranking, given our high gas tax.  Wonder if our DWI rates would go up if those two taxes were reduced?
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