North Carolina’s Wealthiest ZIP Codes


According to ESRI, most of North Carolina’s wealthy live in the Charlotte area, but the Triangle boasts eight of the top 25 wealthiest ZIP codes in NC.  Most of the eight are in Wake County (27518 Cary, 27614 Raleigh, 27519 Cary, 27615 Raleigh, 27617 Raleigh, and 27539 Apex).  Durham’s 27712 ranks 24th, while Orange County is only partially included in the 27517 ZIP Code (number 16), which includes Chatham’s Governors Club and Carolina Meadows.  Chatham also gets in with Apex’s 27523 (#21).  The ratings are based on 2007 data for median and average household income, per capita income, average net worth, average disposable income, and average home value.

If you don’t live in one of the these areas, don’t feel bad – neither do I!  And most of my clients don’t either – I have many great clients in the 27312, 27514 and 27516 ZIP codes, and even in the eastern and western parts of the state, where only one ZIP code was included (27927 Corolla).
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