Schiavo, Rivera, Who’s Next?

Health Care

I read in the paper this morning about the case of Janet Rivera, a comatose 46 year old California woman.  A heart attack two years ago caused the condition. The Fresno County Public Guardian’s office, who is serving as her guardian, had life support withdrawn on July 11, but Rivera’s family was able to get the court to order temporary support until a hearing a hearing schedule for tomorrow.  Five physicians have opined that Rivera will never recover.

Just like with Terry Schiavo, there are many groups weighing in on the case, but regardless of which side one might take, the important message here is for one to make one’s wishes about such things known in advance, preferably in writing in the form of a valid Living Will.   Doing so could help avoid a great deal of expense, and more importantly anguish on the part of family members and others involved.
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