Text of N.C. Senate Bill 202 – Tax Increases!

NC Income Tax

Senate Bill 202, among other things, contains many tax increases for us in the Tar Heel state, to wit:

  • Increase top income tax brackets to 8.25% and 8.5% (currently 7.75%)
  • Raise the State sales tax from 6.75% to 7%
  • Apply sales tax to repairs, warranties, installation, movies, athletic events, amusement events/activities, courier and delivery services, and internet sales.
  • Require Limited Liability Companies to pay a franchise tax.
  • Increase the liquor tax by 1.5%.
You may wish to contact the following Legislators to let them know how you feel about this proposed law:
Representative Paul Luebke (Chair of the House Finance Committee)
(919) 733-7663
Senator David Hoyle (Chair of the Senate Finance Committee)
(919) 733-5734
If you don’t support the bill, there’s a petition to sign.  Make some noise, people!
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