The Olympics and the Quest for Excellence

Estate Planning

The last couple of weeks I have been so busy I have neglected my blogging.  However, I have taken some time to watch the Olympics at night, seeing athletes from all over the world compete to win a gold medal.  A few were successful, others won silver and bronze medals, and the rest, while great athletes, received little recognition.  What all Olympians have in common, however, is the drive to do their absolute best.

While most of us can’t compete in anything on a world-class level, we can still strive for excellence in our everyday lives.  We can care for ourselves, love and protect our families, help others, and do great work on the job.  Part of caring for ourselves and protecting our families involves implementing a comprehensive estate plan appropriate for our situation.  You may not need a gold, or even a silver or bronze estate plan, but it should an excellent plan.  Also-ran on a world-class level is fine; couch potato is not.
Get your estate plan in shape today.  It doesn’t even require everyday training!
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