Tired of Your CRT? Sell It!

Charitable Gift Planning

If you set up a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) in the past but now wish you could get a lump sum back from the trust, it may be possible to sell your interest in the trust. In a 2001 Private Letter Ruling (200127023), the IRS ruled that the sale of an income interest in a trust is a sale of a capital asset.

Thus, a CRT income beneficiary who has had that interest in the CRT for a year or longer can, in many cases, sell their interest and pay taxes at the current 15% long-term capital gain rate. (State taxes would be additional).

Given that the capital gains rates are at historically low levels, this can be a way to turn a long term income interest into a lump sum that can be enjoyed currently, while avoiding potential future increases in tax rates.

There are companies that will purchase interests in trusts, including CRTs.

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