Wills – are You Aware or Blissfully Ignorant?


Last week was National Estate Planning Awareness Week – I’m sure most of us didn’t know that, but awareness about the necessity of estate planning is pitifully low, so anything that can be done to help folks realize that it’s important to plan for the future is good.

Here’s an article from USA Today – 5 myths about wills, and what you should do.  However, I disagree with one thing in the article – that Do-It-Yourself software and websites are fine for basic wills.  The problem is that many people think they need only a basic will, but in reality their situation is not so simple.  I don’t even recommend using a non-specialist for your estate planning.  I have seen many poorly drafted “simple wills” that end up complicating probate and costings thousands of dollars in attorney and court fees more than a properly prepared will would have.

Go see an attorney who specializes in estate planning.  Your family and property are too valuable to rely anyone but an expert.

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