Practice Areas

The North Carolina Probate Blog is published by TrustCounsel. TrustCounsel is an estate and trust law firm with headquarters in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. TrustCounsel’s attorneys focus on the following practice areas:

North Carolina Probate

Probate counsel (advise an executor / personal representative)
Executor services (serve as executor / personal representative)
Estate administration court filings and document preparation
Creditor notifications and claim management
Life insurance claims and filing
Retirement assets
Real property (partition proceedings – court-ordered sale or division of land, out-of-state property, deeds, promissory notes, deeds of trust and more)
Business interests
Non-citizen surviving spouses


Trust administration (Charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, GST (generation-skipping trusts), dynasty trusts, offshore trusts, DAPTs (domestic asset protection trusts), NFA gun trusts, and more)
Trustee services (serve as trustee)
Trust modification (of irrevocable trusts)
Trust protector services


tate tax, gift tax, income tax, fiduciary income tax (for estates and trusts)
Retirement distribution planning
Tax considerations in probate
Basis planning

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